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The Dalton Crusoe novels are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, other online stores and smaller retailers.


Richard Trevae | The TARASOV SOLUTION


ISBN: 13-978-0615770239

New NSA recruit, Dalton Crusoe, learns of a nuclear threat on the US Capitol, based on warheads submerged in the Caribbean during the Cuban missile crisis. 


In a race against time, Dalton struggles to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, search for the nukes throughout the Caribbean, outwit the evil Tarasov, save two presidents, and prevent the destruction of Washington D.C.


ISBN: 13: 978-0615772493



After the discovery of a unique, weapons-grade ore inside a Montana mountain, seminal agent Dalton Crusoe is sent to secure the site from prying, shadow governments. Leaked Intel sets off an international stir between rival factions, and Crusoe is beset by Israeli conspirators, Iranian assassins, and North Korean spies. In a race against time Dalton leads an elite team into the secret Israeli Military complex where he must thwart a dangerous path to fusion Armageddon. Taking a much needed rest in the Caribbean with Carolyn, his love interest, Dalton is nearly killed in a surprise attack by assassin Khamal.









ISBN: 13: 978-0615776934

( See the blurb below on The ARAL MILL MURDERS)

R hythms of LeelanauR

A man's life seems to be falling apart as  he seeks a "soul renewal" in Leelanau, meets a strange wise man--and saves his own life.

Many seasons of deer hunting finally reveal the real meaning to the hunt--a life changing insight as he stands face-to-face with a twelve point trophy.


ISBN: 13: 978-0615627625

Documented historical events dating from 1854 to 1901 provide a confluence of events involving a ship wreck, a double murder, and a pardon for the killer―all staged in the lost town of Aral at Otter Creek, within the Sleeping Bear Dunes national lakeshore.

Charles T. Wright, an enigmatic man, with gifts and demons, arrives at the hub of three historical events which dramatically alter his life! Aral Michigan is enjoying a strong growth period in the 1880’s under the seductive personality of Charles T. Wright, hired to operate the local lumber mill. Charley has the ideal life. Still he harbors demons.

Were it not for his beautiful baritone singing voice, business skills, and persuasive personality when sober, Charles Wright might seem disturbed.


ISBN 13:  978-0692334133

With seven months remaining in his first term, President Harold Barriman is weathering fierce opposition. Despite a likable personality, the president finds himself in a political firestorm. His liberal agenda is enraging conservatives, libertarians, and independents as the economy tanks. A massive Chinese aid deal drives America to become a Chinese “client state.” The president and his powerful Chief of Staff, Brandon (Badge) Demarche, are steering America down a treasonous path. A grass-roots effort calls for a Convention of States. Dalton Crusoe learns of a plot to assassinate the emerging leaders of the New Libertarian Party through his newly discovered half-brother, Declan Crusoe. Dalton struggles to unravel the threat, protect his friend Ed Kosko, halt the president’s agenda, and protect his hunted half-brother―the answers force Dalton into dangerous choices as the deadline for the Convention nears and the national elections approach. Lines are drawn, the tension grows and lethal decisions are made.


NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon, B&N, Books-a-Million, Kindle, Nook, and local retailers.


ISBN 13:  978-1539099390

Most Americans felt things weren’t working. Renowned predictive journalist, Jacques Leroux, forewarns a global financial collapse—and a massive rise in gold demand. His persuasive forecasts promote “one-world” governance run by intellectual elites.

Recent mining near the mountainous Georgia border reveals massive veins of gold and uranium. Gloveli rallies his rich Russian oligarch friends to conceal the discovery. Russian leadership, hear rumors and threaten Gloveli if he denies Russia a role in the mining. Gloveli and Leroux foresee a “new Switzerland” across the Caucasus region. Still he fears he may have to use their newfound wealth fighting a Russian invasion.

As Russia stages for a Ukrainian invasion, they form an unholy alliance with Iran to disable America through a massive cyber attack, thwarting US retaliation. Iran bargains for a stolen nuclear missile sub capable of toppling US leadership. Amidst the disruptive attack a global movement towards a one-world government run by the elites takes hold. Dalton must unravel the complex plan, halt the political elite’s agenda, rescue his kidnapped half brother, and stop another threatened attack on America. 


NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon, B&N, Books-a-Million, Kindle, Nook, and local retailers.



ISBN: 13: 978-1708472900


America finds itself at another crossroad. A national election, now just two months old, re-orders the direction for the country. Incoming President Sam Kirklyn won with a thin electoral victory—bringing a far-left progressive agenda forward. The message was not lost on America’s foes, including General Secretary Kim-Jae Lee, leader of North Korea.

A failed missile launch from the NOKO Wonsan site explodes a minute after launch—falling into the Sea of Japan. The launch was in fact a first-strike attack on the US. The attack plan targets the US as NOKO demands a re-unification with the South or face a massive invasion. Lee reasons the new Kirklyn administration would shun a war posture be unable to respond for weeks, or longer, only to be embroiled in a new Korean war.

The stakes are high. A quick capitulation by the South would deter the US from halting the takeover. With China as a “passive supporter” a US intervention would endanger its ties with China.

The nuke nosecone falls in the water and is snagged in a fishing trawler’s nets. The trawler seeks help from a salvage ship, owned by Graylle Cassidy. He recognizes the package and alerts his friend, Declan, Dalton Crusoe’s half-brother. Dalton sees a unique opportunity: covertly modify the warhead controls and return it to the NOKO navy searching for debris. Then later remotely detonate it at the Wonsan missile site, appearing as a self-imposed nuclear tragedy by Lee.

Dalton convinces the President to employ the deception operation. With a new launch within days, Dalton must time the Wonsan detonation, and finally, track down and capture Lee before he escapes to China. As the world sleeps, Dalton’s team achieves its Deception Strategy and topples a dangerous nuclear threat.

Available on Amazon, Kindle, B&N, Books-a-Million,and  local book stores.

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