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Richard Trevae is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and business consultant. Formally trained as an engineer with an MBA in Finance and Management, Trevae matured a startup design/construction/development firm into a publicly traded company that later merged with a larger parent corporation. His articles concerning business valuation, mergers, acquisitions, and management practices have been published in various trade associations and business newspapers.


Writing “reality inspired fiction” has become his latest passion, commencing with, “THE ISRAELI BETRAYAL,” (Charles River Press, July, 2011), followed by the prequel, “THE TARASOV SOLUTION” (Charles River Press, Nov. 2009). New Revised Editions (March 2013) for the first two novels are currently available in paperback and e-books from all major retailers. Trevae has completed a third Dalton Crusoe novel, "THE SECRET TEMPLAR ALLIANCE" (Winter Goose Publishing, Nov. 2012). In December 2014, the fourth Dalton Crusoe novel, "THE RISING SEDITION"  (Treline Publishing, Dec. 2014)  was released in paperback and eBook editions. The fifth Dalton Crusoe novel in the collection is "THE CAUSANYA PROPOSAL" (Treline Publishing) was release in October 2016.

The latest novel"THE DECEPTION STRATEGY" was published in November, 2019.


Richard Trevae has also written and had published two short stories , “Rhythms of Leelanau” and “The Last Season”. A novella,"The ARAL MILL MURDERS", and a Triple Book, "LEELANAU STORIES" were published and available through all major retailers. They deal with life in NW Michigan's sand dune bounded shore (voted the "Most Beautiful spot in America", August 2011 GMA)


His extensive world traveling has provided a rich backdrop for the exotic locales featured in his novels. He lives with his wife along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan where he is writing his next novel.


Richard Trevae can be contacted through his web site and emailed at The publisher web sites are,


FaceBook Link: "The Dalton Crusoe Novels by Richard Trevae"

Twitter Link: "@trevae"


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